I’m just a regular gal chasing my dreams.. and yes I am very, VERY small. but my personality makes up for it! 

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- I'm an Enneagram 3, so I'm one of the hardest workers you'll ever meet! I will always make sure that my dreams become a reality no matter what it takes.
- I hate coffee... yep I said it.. I think it's totally gross and a nice glass of water is WAAAYYYY better. Don't @ me.
- I still regularly post on my tumblr account... no, you cannot have my username.
- I talk way too much and sometimes a little too loud, so ask me anything and 10/10 times I’ll tell you straight up with a bonus story on the side!
- The Bachelor is the best show created. Don't judge me.
- I could seriously eat Chinese food every. single. day.

After high school ended I took a leap of faith to pursue a gut feeling and went to beauty school. While I was there I found my love for makeup and also found out I was surprisingly good at styling hair. So I thought why not do weddings! So, after graduating, I went to makeup school to get professionally trained. Fast forward 5 years and here I am.. doing what I love & serving who I love. Along the way I found myself missing something, but I couldn't figure out why. Then it hit me... I need to get back into the salon and expand my services. So that's exactly what I'm doing now. Serving my clients in every way possible!


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Come see me at the salon

Let's get ready for your wedding

Let's get ready for your wedding


I'm not your typical hair & makeup artist, & I'm not looking for a typical client.

My style is raw and lived in. I specialize in natural glam makeup to enhance your already beautiful features. I’m your girl for soft curls & big braids! I'm obsessed with everything boho & natural glam. But don't get it twisted! I'm down for a full glam for those extra gals.


when you work with me

I don't have clients, I have friends!! I can guarantee that we will be friends after you work with me. We will laugh constantly and I will make sure that all your questions (no matter how silly) are answered. It's my job to not only do your hair and/or makeup, but also to provide a stress free experience! So sit back and have a nice time in my chair and not worry about a thing.

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I want you to like me, not just my work

I want to be your first choice. Yep, I said it. I have worked hard for this life and my business. You work hard too! I don't want the client who is just trying to find the cheapest. I want the client who admires my work, who reads all my IG posts & looks through my site. I want the client who is excited to work with me and who really cares about how they want to look. If that's you.. YAYYY.. if it isn't, I'm okay with that. No hard feelings. I want to make sure we are both having a great time and that you truly enjoy this experience.

let's get you dolled up for your wedding

COME sit in my salon chair


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From my favorite hair and makeup products, to what I wish I had in my house, and of course... plants.... here are a few of my favorite things!

If you want to see what I like, check out my favs on Amazon. You won't be disappointed with these!

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